Make your Sewage Treatment System a Priority for New Homes!

Are you building a new home? If you are building your dream home it’s natural that Sewage Treatment may not be a priority! However it is now vital more than ever before to consider the status of your septic tank.

It is important that you pick a wastewater treatment system that will last the lifetime of your house!

If your septic tank is poorly functioning and your sewage system fails, you could face the inconvenience if having to upgrade or replace it.

1. You need it to be structurally sound to withstand typical Irish ground conditions – this means using a Concrete built system, which are certified in excess of 50 years

2. You need an economical operation – the new generation of low watt blowers cost as little as 8c per day to run!

3. Certification – proof that it does as it says! Ireland top engineers recommend O’Reilly Oakstown

Most importantly you need reliability – we only use top class components backed by a dedicated service team to guarantee your peace of mind

Watch our video below to find out what you need to consider when getting a wastewater treatment system for your new home.