Project: Super BAF Wastewater Treatment System & Foul Pump Station
Client: Sammon Builders.
Location: Stonepark NS, Co. Longford.


In August 2017, O’Reilly Oakstown Ltd were commissioned to design, build and install a Super BAF Wastewater Treatment System and Foul Pump Station based on Longford Co. Co. requirements of 10BOD/10SS/5NH4N(as N)/100COD/P2/20Nitrates (N),6-9pH.

  • Max.Hydraulic Loading: 17.2m3/d.
  • Max.BOD Loading: 8.6kg/d.
  • Max.Ammonia Loading: 2.15kg/day.
  • Max. Daily Flow 17.2m3.
  • Pumped distance 90-100m.