Customer: Kings Garden and Leisure, Sidmouth, Devon
Contractor: Leach Brothers, Tiverton, Devon.
Sub-Contractor: O’Reilly Oakstown Environmental
Project: Upgrade Waste Water Treatment System
Business: Garden & Leisure Centre


When Kings Garden and Leisure Centre in East Devon required a replacement Wastewater Treatment System, they appointed Leach Bros of Tiverton to carry out the project, who in turn called on O’Reilly Oakstown Environmental to supply the system due to the longer lifespan guaranteed by our concrete tanks.

Actual installation of the system itself took less than a day with no concrete backfill or base required due to the inherent strength of the concrete tanks. Once the tanks were in the ground, our experienced technicians completed the wiring, piping and commissioning.

This particular system is designed to cater for a busy garden centre and restaurant. It is also future-proofed, incorporating extra capacity to allow for increased footfall in the future.  Please find images of the project and also please visit: for info on our commercial systems.