O’Reilly Oakstown – The No.1 Precast Concrete Tank Supplier

All of our tanks are manufactured using reinforced precast concrete and are produced in a factory controlled environment ensuring optimum results. Typical uses include:

• Sewage Treatment

• Oil Water Separation

• Silt Traps

• Rainwater Harvesting

• Grease Traps

• Agricultural Storage

750L Precast Concrete Tank – Pump Chamber

1500L Precast Concrete Tank-Pump Chamber
1500L Tank-Pump Chamber-R2-Large

4000 litre Precast Concrete Tank HT

Oakstown 4000L-HT

5200 litre Precast Concrete Tank HT
5200 litre HT - Rev2-Large

8000 litre Precast Concrete Tank HT – 110mm
8000 litre HT - 110mm Rev2-Large

20,000 litre Precast Concrete Tank HT

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