A-Walls (sometimes called “rocket walls”) are the ideal solution for the bulk storage of grain, silage, aggregates, and recycled materials.

This unique inverted “Y” shape means that there is no toe for a loading shovel to hit and prevents the lodging of stored material.


Moveable, concrete retaining L-Walls have a wide range of uses for all levels of industry and civil works.

Their flexibility and diversity make them an attractive alternative to standard fixed walls. Our L-Walls are available in heights of 2m, 2.5m and 3m.

Oakstown King Blocks

Oakstown King Blocks, also known as ‘Lego Blocks’ are solid precast concrete blocks.

Our standard king block size is 1,495mm X 745mm X 690mm. We offer both full size and half size block to suit your needs.

As they are made from precast concrete, king blocks are durable and long lasting and have various uses from walling, barricades and road blocks to agricultural storage.

Prestressed Wall Panels

Pre-stressed concrete wall panels are the most cost effective solution for industrial and agriculture buildings.

They allow for usage of maximum strength with minimum wall thickness. These wall panels are particularly suitable for industrial units, storage units, bulk grain stores, agriculture sheds, general warehousing, earth retaining walls, compost and waste storage.

They can be designed to suit your exact needs and can be built horizontally or vertically depending on the job requirements.

Solid Precast Walls

O’Reilly Concrete’s precast solutions are widely regarded as an economic, structurally sound and architecturally versatile form of construction.

‘Total Precast’ combines the benefits of rapid construction and high quality materials with the advantages of factory controlled production lines and quality assurance.