O’Reilly Oakstown Fire Fighting Tanks

We provide a suitable package for all the firefighting water storage tanks, along with all requirements including pumps, shed, control systems and more. Tanks have 20m3 to 200m3 capacity.

Used in buildings such as hotels, schools and pre-schools, health centres, primary care centres and other public buildings, fire fighting tanks are used to hold the water needed for extinguishing fires.

Also known as Fire Water Storage Tanks they are the perfect solution when a mains water supply is not available, eg in a rural location or private grounds.

Benefits of O’Reilly Oakstown Concrete Fire Fighting Water Storage Tank 

  • Quick installation – we have a very short lead-time and can accommodate quick delivery throughout Ireland
  • Tank sizes hold from 20,000L up to 200,000L
  • Our products are certified and meets all manufacturing requirements
  • Concrete is non-combustible and therefore the perfect material to house water for fighting fires.
  • Lifespan and lifetime warranty
  • The tank is designed to suit specific requirements for public buildings.

We supply both underground and overground water storage tanks, designed to suit you or your clients building.

Underground tanks save storage space eg under car parks, under walkways etc. These are road grade specification, eg fire trucks can drive over them, keeping cost down and with no need for additional protection. It is not necessary to have a concrete ballast to keep the tank in place, ensuring more room for the fire trucks etc to deal with the fire

If you are an architect, firefighting consultant, main contractor, quantity surveyor or job estimator, please get in touch with us here at O’Reilly Oakstown, where we will produce the water storage tank you need. Our tanks are fully tested for water tightness and manufacturer requirements and we can provide leak test certification on request.

Tank Drawing Examples

OAKS_Fire Fighting Storage Tanks_18.4m3.pdf
OAKS_Fire Fighting Storage Tanks_36.8m3.pdf
OAKS_Fire Fighting Storage Tanks_55.2m3.pdf
OAKS_Fire Fighting Storage Tanks_73.6m3.pdf
OAKS_Fire Fighting Storage Tanks_110.4m3.pdf