Precast Concrete Pipe Holders

O’Reilly Oakstown manufacture precast concrete pipe holders which are extremely durable, economical, and easy to install.

Our pipe holders offer stability and protection to pipes and are the perfect option for a variety of both commercial and industrial projects.


We can manufacture a diverse line of precast concrete pipe holders to hold pipes of various sizes and materials securely in place.

Our designs are flexible in order to cater of our customers’ individual needs.


Precast concrete pipe holders present a number of advantages:

  • Reliable & Durable
  • Efficient & Economical
  • Reusable & Mobile
  • Quick & easy installation
  • Stability & Protection

Product Examples

precast concrete pipe holders
Precast Concrete Pipe Holders By O'Reilly Oakstown

Contact us to discuss precast concrete pipe holders or to get a quotation. See other precast concrete products on our group website for O’Reilly Concrete.