Download a copy of our Certificate EN 12566-3 Results.

IS En 12566-3

O’Reilly Oakstown are proud to announce that after 9 months testing at the Institute for Wastewater Technology ( PIA Gmbh ) in Aachen, Germany, the Oakstown BAF Wastewater Treatment System has been certified to IS En 12566-3 Annex A,B “Small wastewater treatment systems for up to 50 PT”.

This testing process assessed the treatment efficiency, structural behaviour and water-tightness of the BAF System. Unsurprisingly, the BAF System performed exceptionally well as can be seen from the certificate below. It shows an average treatment efficiency of;

Bacterial Oxygen Demand ( BOD ) 97.5%
Chemical Oxygen Demand ( COD ) 92.1%
Total Suspended Solids ( TSS ) 97.0%

This proves comprehensively that the Oakstown BAF System outperforms most systems on sale in Ireland , by a large margin in many cases. The En 12566-3 standard is expected to become mandatory for all new wastewater treatment systems sold from July 2010.

Quality Assurance: I.S. EN206-1: 2002

In response to client needs and expectations O’Reilly Brothers have now achieved I.S. EN206–1: 2002 certification from the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI). This is a Quality Assurance Scheme for Ready-mix Concrete in Ireland and offers clarity in regard to strength class, consistence of mix, exposure class, which are essential elements in improving quality and consistency.

The principle benefits from this new scheme are:
Consistency of approach
Improved quality
Clarity of requirements from specification to delivery (essential for government grant-aided schemes e.g. concrete grade specifications used in agricultural structures such as silos, sillage aprons and silage effluent stores as specified by the Dept. of Agriculture and Food)

Synchronisation with I.S.EN ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management System. Ongoing maintenance of our registration will be achieved through regular inspections from suitably qualified NSAI personnel.

For more details/specifications relating to this new standard please do not hesitate to contact us.

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