Oakstown King Blocks

Oakstown King Blocks, also known as ‘Lego Blocks’ are solid precast concrete blocks.

Our standard king block size is 1,495mm X 745mm X 690mm. We offer both full size and half size block to suit your needs.

As they are made from precast concrete, king blocks are durable and long lasting and have various uses from walling, barricades and road blocks to agricultural storage.

Oakstown King Blocks are a mobile retaining wall solution. When fixed in place, they offer strength and durability but are also moveable, allowing reuse of the product and therefore, less waste. As the blocks come ready-made, they are quickly and easily installed.

Advantages of King Blocks:

  • Reliable & Durable
  • Efficient & Economical
  • Full & half sizes available
  • Reusable & Mobile
  • Quick & easy installation