O’Reilly Oakstown Environmental offer the StormMaster Attenuation System

The StormMaster system is an extremely strong 100% recycled plastic water permeable crate with a 95.8% void ratio, allowing rainwater run off to be temporarily stored and then released gradually, either into the soil as a soakaway or attenuated for transfer to the sewer system after a rainfall event.

The box has a high strength so is suitable for most applications and is easy to expand in all directions to create any size of structure.

Advantages of StormMaster

  • Large format – just 2.5 units/m3

  • Lightweight – 17kg per unit
  • Choice of diameters for incoming/outgoing connections
  • Good Bearing Capacity, sufficient for pedestrian & traffic use
  • Large Storage Capacity (400 litres) with 95.6% voids
  • Economic and fast to install
  • Applicable for both high and low groundwater situations

Why StormMaster

  • Prevents extreme peak flows to main drainage and water purification systems
  • Rainwater is “cleaned” by geotextile surround
  • Decreases inconvenience of flooding during heavy rain falls
  • Promotes the balance in the groundwater position
  • Decreases environment problems caused by development