StormMaster Anti-Flood System

The StormMaster Anti Flood System is an extremely strong, 100% recycled plastic, water permeable crate with a 95.8% void ratio.

This allows rainwater run-off to be temporarily stored and then released gradually, either into the soil as a soakaway or attenuated for transfer to the sewer system after a rainfall event.

StormMaster Anti Flood System

StormMaster Anti-Flood System

The box is high in strength so is suitable for most applications. It is easy to expand in all directions to create any size of structure.

The StormMaster Anti Flood System prevents extreme flow to main drainage and water purification systems. Within the system, the water is ‘cleaned’ by geotextile surroundings and it promotes the balance in the groundwater position.

It helps to decrease the inconvenience of flooding during heavy rain falls and environment problems caused by development.

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  • Large format – just 2.5 units/m3
  • Lightweight – 17kg per unit
  • Choice of diameters for incoming/outgoing connections
  • Good bearing capacity – sufficient for pedestrian & traffic use
  • Large capacity – 400L with 95.6% voids
  • Efficient & Economical
  • Applicable for both high and low groundwater situations
  • Full installation service from the Oakstown team

Technical Details