4 Steps you can take when your Wastewater Treatment System Alarm goes off!

What can you do when your wastewater system alarm goes off?

If your wastewater system alarm goes off, there are 4 simple steps that can be taken to check the issue:

  1. Water Alarm –  Note the level of wastewater in your tank by lifting one of the lids in your garden. If it is above the inlet of tank, organise for the tank to be emptied as quickly as possible. Depending on how many use the system you may have 2 or 3 days grace before you flood the internal components.
  2. Air Alarm – can be caused by temperature changes within the tank or a possible issue with the compressor in the green box. Please check that the compressor is humming and that air bubbles are rising within the water under the green box and that no breakers have tripped in the control panel.
  3. Alarm – If the alarm light only is lit this could indicate a possible electrical fault ie electrical circuit breakers have tripped. Check that the system is on it’s own circuit, if it is not then another appliance like a washing machine, outside lights or electric gates may be the problem.
  4. Silence the alarm – The buzzer can be turned off once the alarm has been noted via the on/ off toggle switch. This will not reset the alarm only silence the buzzer.

wastewater system alarm

Check the system fault panel regularly – as soon as you get a warning alarm call our office Monday to Friday on 046 9431389 . Do not wait to see if it goes away. We will be able to give you advice over the phone and if needed, schedule a timely service call to prevent further damage to the system and cost to yourself.

Normal Operation of Control Panel

wastewater system alarm panel

  • Green power light will be on.
  • All red lights will be off.
  • Buzzer Switch will be at ‘on position’ and the alarm will be silent.
  • Two RCB/Trip Switches will be at ‘up/on position’.

What to do when your wastewater system alarm goes off

If your wastewater system alarm goes off, contact us on 046 9431389 or email services@oreillyoakstown.com.

If you would like to have a chat about your requirements or to book a service, call to chat with our team or email us and we will get back to you asap.