Sewage Treatment Systems Ireland

Saving time and money is a key aim for any homeowner. If you are building a new home, upgrading your current home, or changing your septic tank to a sewage treatment system, you need to know that you will get value for money, an efficient service and strong customer support.

There are nearly half a million domestic wastewater treatment systems throughout Ireland used to treat sewage, most are septic tanks. However we know from recent press coverage that a very high number of these septic tanks can fail inspection by the EPA. This is why we recommend our 6 or 8PE BAF Swage Treatment System, which is a more more effective and reliable system to use.

How can using a sewage treatment system save you time and money?

When deciding on a sewage / wastewater treatment system, it’s important to understand what maintenance requirements are likely throughout the life of the system and how often the system requires desludging (emptying of the tank).

Using a sewage treatment system means there is less requirement for desludging than with a regular septic tank. With traditional septic tanks, the percolation area may present with more problems, and possibly more expense.

Sewage treatment systems do need to be serviced & maintained, and this is offered to our customers at a relatively low cost. Regular servicing & maintenance helps to prevent any problems and additional unnecessary cost.

We will remind you about getting your service carried out, and we arrange to come out and do it at a time suitable to you. Our team of service engineers are experienced and reliable, taking away the hassle of trying to source someone to do this work for you.

Sewage Treatment Systems Ireland

Which sewage treatment system is best for your home?

The 6 PE BAF Sewage Treatment System is the ideal solution for most domestic dwellings. Whether it is a new build, a renovation or a tank upgrade, this is the most effective solution for the standard family size.

The Oakstown tank is efficient, reliable, durable and economical. As our tanks are manufactured using 50N steel reinforced precast concrete tanks, they offer a lifelong solution and unlike plastic or other lightweight materials our tanks do not crush or weaken through time.

The Oakstown BAF Sewage Treatment System

The Oakstown BAF System is the largest domestic wastewater treatment system in Ireland and therefore desludging frequency is maximised.

All of our systems use BAF technology which is widely regarded as the most reliable, cost efficient means of treating wastewater producing excellent final effluent quality. Our business was established in 1972 and our reputation for customer service, reliability and excellent quality is the reason that our Oakstown BAF System is the largest selling domestic system across Ireland with 11,000 installations and satisfied customers.

When purchasing a wastewater treatment system it is important that customers purchase a system directly from the manufacturer and have peace of mind that the business will always be there. It’s also important to compare like with like especially in terms of the capacity of the system, what components are use internally and also to look for referrals in their local area.

Contact our team today to enquire about our sewage treatment systems and they will help you find the best system for your home.

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Sewage systems should be a one time purchase and should last the entire period of occupancy in any house. The best systems on the market will require little maintenance, an important factor in the decision of which system to go with. This article briefly describes; how a sewage system works, and finding the best one for your home.

How a sewage system works

All wastewater / sewage treatment systems have internal components as part of the their technology. Understanding the process, their lifespan and likely cost down the line, is a factor that often gets overlooked when choosing which wastewater treatment system to install.

Sewage treatment systems are more advanced than traditional septic tanks, which have generally relied on anaerobic digestion and therefore have no moving parts or treatment process. The graphic and description below outline the process of how a sewage system works, this example is for our 6PE system.


6PE BAF Sewage Treatment-Tank Labelled with 4 Stages


4 Stages of 6PE Sewage Treatment System

      • Stage 1 – Primary Settlement in Chambers 1 & 2. Primary Settlement works on the basis of sedimentation, where solids separate from the water in chambers 1 and 2 allowing for anaerobic digestion over an extended period of time.
      • Stage 2 – Bio Reactor Chamber. Wastewater continues to flow by gravity into chamber 3 where natural occurring micro-organisms form on our submerged biofilm filter and are oxygenated by a small air blower. Effluent is extensively treated in this chamber prior to gravity flow into chamber 4
      • Stage 3 – Clarifier Chamber. Final settlement takes place within our Clarifier Chamber where any remaining sediment gravitates to the bottom of the tank and is transferred back to the primary settlement chamber. This ensures only fully treated water enters the final chamber
      • Stage 4 – Discharge Chamber. Treated water is stored within the discharge chamber and can be pumped or gravity fed to the percolation area depending on the client’s site requirements.

BAF Technology

Selecting the highest quality components for sewage systems represents the best value for money in long term, compared to lower cost systems where components need to be replaced regularly. We use BAF technology which is reliable, robust, low cost in terms of power consumption, and overall better value for money.

Alternative technologies such as SBR (Sequential Batch Reaction) systems have a reputation for being problematic and unreliable. They typically struggle with peak flows and generally require maintenance and regular desludging of the tank itself.

As a customer you should always take independent advice from your architect, builder or industry experts. They will explain all the benefits of wastewater treatment systems and explain how a sewage system works.

Lower cost systems can initially appear good value, but it’s important to compare like-with-like in terms of the product offering, accessories included, quality of components and maintenance requirements down the line.

The EPA website also has more information on sewage treatment systems. If you think you need to upgrade your system contact us to talk through your options.

Finding the best one for your home

It’s important to speak to someone who will clearly explain how a sewage system works, and make the best recommendation for your home.

Our team are highly skilled and experienced and will discuss what you need, outline costs for you and even carry out a Free Site Survey to assess your site. Call us today on 046 9431389 to arrange a visit.

O’Reilly Oakstown supply precast concrete BAF sewage treatment systems throughout Ireland and can provide a full installation service. We may recommend the 6PE BAF for your standard domestic home. Or if you need a larger tank, our 8PE BAF system will be the answer for you.

Contact our team today to enquire about our sewage treatment systems and they will help you find the best one for your home.


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On Friday 5th August we organised an ice cream van to visit all our precast production plants and offices in Ireland. This is just a small token of appreciation we wanted to give our staff to thank them for all their hard work.

It was great to see all the smiling faces and we are glad they enjoyed it!

New O’Reilly Group Van Fleet

This year, the O’Reilly Group have upgraded our van fleet to nine new 2022 vans all provided by Western Motors Drogheda.

The new O’Reilly Group Van Fleet are driven by sales representatives and project managers across the Group who are needed for site visits on a regular basis.

Lower carbon emissions

The new O’Reilly Group van fleet allows us to keep our carbon emissions significantly lower as the new 2022 engines, featuring AdBlue, has substantially dropped the level of nitrogen oxide which are released into the atmosphere. At the O’Reilly Group, we are determined in reducing our CO2 emissions and ensuring our vehicles and machinery are kinder to the environment.

Supporting Wind Energy Development in Ireland

O'Reilly Group Van Fleet with Windfarms in Background

Also featured in the background, are just 5 of the Windfarms which we have provided our Ready-Mix Concrete and stone to including:

  • Bindoo Windfarm
  • Mountain Lodge Windfarm
  • Gartnaneane Windfarm
  • Teervurcher Windfarm
  • Raragh Windfarm.

We are also involved in the development of Taghart Windfarm which is currently under construction.

We are delighted to have been part of these projects as wind energy is a vital and clean source of energy, which again, is significantly better for our environment.

Contact our team here with enquiries regarding your project.

Safety Week 2022 at the O’Reilly Group

O’Reilly Oakstown are committed to high standards of health and safety, both on and off site. The welfare of those working for us and those affected by our activities is of paramount importance to us. We pride ourselves on our first-class level of Health and Safety practices and only employ trained operatives with appropriate qualifications.

Watch our impacting video highlighting our commitment to Health & Safety


Read more about our Health & Safety policies on this link.

Also see our group company websites H&S pages for O’Reilly Concrete and Barleystone


Buy now, Pay Later – we have recently partnered with Humm Finance, offering a flexible finance solution on our wastewater treatment systems with payment options from 24 to 60 months.

Whether you are considering upgrading a problematic septic tank or are building your new home, we have a range of solutions to meet your needs.

Buy now, Pay later Humm LogoHumm is the smart way to pay. It offers flexible finance solution over a term that suits you. Pay for your new Oaktown Treatment Tank in monthly affordable amounts. This payment solution takes financial pressure off the customer with payment options from 24 to 60 months.
With Humm, you are in total control. You choose your financial plan: the amount you pay and the period in which you pay.

O’Reilly Oakstown are dedicated to offering our customers a stress-free experience when upgrading their septic tank both professionally and financially.

• Applicable to all O’Reilly Oakstown products (wastewater treatment systems, tanks, walls etc.)
• Full turnkey installations available
• Finance approval within 48 hours
• Allows the customer to manage their financial budget with ease
• Suitable for septic tank upgrades as well as new build installations

This Buy Now, Pay Later solution is perfect for all our wastewater treatment systems, tanks, and wall solutions. See more on our products here. 


Contact Us Today to Discuss your Options

If you would like to discuss this financial option send us an email via the form below, or call 046 9431389




O’Reilly Oakstown are proud to introduce our newest product – Precast Concrete Cable Troughs.


We now manufacture Precast Concrete Cable Troughs which are designed to enclose power and communication cables and safely protect them from damage. Our cable troughs can be sited above ground or buried under the surface, providing easy access for maintenance, repair, and improvements, as well as giving complete protection. Ideal for commercial or industrial use.

For more information on our new Precast Cable Troughs visit

Also see our group company website O’Reilly Concrete for other precast concrete products and our sister company Barleystone for commercial paving products. 



The O’Reilly Group has received the Ecocem Ireland Carbon Saving Certificate from 2021

We are absolutely delighted to say that we have reduced our carbon output by up to 6,444 tonnes last year.

The entire Group along with our Environmental Team have worked tirelessly throughout 2021 to reduce our carbon footprint which we can say has been successfully achieved.

Being one of Ireland and the UK’s largest concrete manufacturer, it is very important that we use reduced carbon concrete in all our precast products and projects, whilst maintaining the highest quality.

Keep an eye out on our socials for more carbon saving initiatives that our Environmental Team will be implementing throughout the year. Our goal is to become a zero-carbon concrete manufacturer. O’Reilly Oakstown and all at the O’Reilly Group look forward to seeing our carbon savings increase and our carbon footprint decrease in 2022.Ecocem Cert O'Reilly Oakstown

Congratulations to our Group Credit Control team on winning the ‘Domestic Credit Team of The Year 2021 at the Irish Credit Team Awards held in Red Cow Hotel last Friday.

This is a team award made up of our credit control and despatch teams in Kingscourt, Barleystone, Oakstown and Taghart along with all our Sales Reps and Managers that support this multi-disciplined team.Each person in the team has a role to play and this award is for each-and-every one of them and is testament to the fact that working together can really make a difference.

Representing the team on the day was Eileen Smith, Credit Control Manager, John Mc Mahon, Contracts Manager, Paul Mc Donnell, Precast Commercial Manager, and Majella McCaghey, Group Management Accountant. Well done everyone!

A concrete future at O’Reilly Oakstown

The Anglo Celt Newspaper spoke to our General Manager Paddy Hagan recently about our products, how we have diversified and an exciting future at O’Reilly Oakstown.

AC: What products does your company offer?

PH: O’Reilly Oakstown is part of the O’Reilly Concrete Group, which provides quality concrete products throughout Ireland & UK. From our factory site in Oakstown, Trim, we provide a range of environmental solutions including wastewater treatment systems, oil/water separators, certified septic tanks, large capacity precast tanks and pumping stations.

Over the years we have grown from supplying domestic wastewater treatment systems to providing a full bespoke design and installation service for large commercial treatment plants for hotels, schools, nursing homes, bars/restaurants, office blocks, factories, petrol stations, sports centres etc. As environmental awareness increases, at O’Reilly Oakstown we intend to keep providing innovative solutions to environmental problems whenever and wherever they may arise.

We also manufacture of range of retaining L-walls/A-walls, which are predominantly used in agriculture and waste management facilities.

AC: So, what is new at O’Reilly Oakstown?

PH: In recent years we have added Ultraflo Liquid Screed and Readymix Concrete to our portfolio of products. Ultraflo Liquid Screed is a calcium sulphate, hemihydrate, pump applied liquid floor screed. The self-compacting screed provides a quick, smooth and level surface with minimum levelling. It is factory produced in our batching plant in Trim and delivered to site ready to be pumped directly into position. It’s an excellent product when used with underfloor heating as it offers greater thermal conductivity than traditional sand/cement screeds. It can be poured to depths as little as 35mm ensuring rooms heat up faster, while reducing energy bills.

This is a much quicker method than laying a traditional sand and cement screed and generally can take light traffic after just 24 hours. We supply to a 60km radius from our Trim plant.

AC: With almost 50 years in business, what is the secret of O’Reilly Oakstown’s success?

PH: Originally the company manufactured concrete fence posts, kerbs, cills and lintels. By 1982, Oakstown had diversified in to cattle slats and other agri-products and was one of largest slat makers in the country. From this Oakstown diversified into concrete septic tanks and in the late 90s pioneered the Oakstown BAF wastewater treatment system when environmental regulations were introduced. I believe we have grown and prospered because of our commitment to supplying effective and reliable systems and our clients trust in our knowledge garnered by 50 years of experience and dedication to offering a quality, robust product every time.

AC: So, what’s in store for the next 50 years?

PH: As a manufacturer of environmental precast solutions, we are very aware of our own impact on the environment. We have just completed a forest plantation of 15,000 trees on 11 acres of ground at our production facility at Trim. This is something we are very proud of and it is a very fitting way to celebrate Oakstown’s 50th year since it was established.

Looking to the future – we have our sights firmly set on developing a strong market for our products in the UK. We have achieved steady growth in the UK over the past three or four years and, despite the challenges of both Brexit and Covid-19, we continue to grow both our Irish and UK market share.

6th May

Did you know that you could be entitled to a grant towards an upgrade of your old septic tank?

Since 2013 the EPA launched its National Inspection Plan aimed at inspecting domestic Septic Tanks/Waste Water Treatment Systems to improve the impact on the environment by protecting ground and surface water quality, particularly drinking water sources, from risks posed by faulty systems.

There are three grant schemes that may be available to you should your system fail an inspection or should you live in a prioritised area.

Give our team here in Oakstown a call today for more information or visit our website and see how we can help guide you through your process.

Call us now on 0469431389 or

Image of Septic Tank Failure

Example of Septic Tank Failure

BAF Upgrade Complete

Grants Overview

NIP (National Inspection Plan)

Purpose of the grant: To fix septic tank systems that fail inspection by a Local Authority under the National Inspection Plan and need remediation, repair, upgrading or replacement.

Conditions: The homeowner will receive an advisory notice from the Local Authority requiring the system to be fixed. The Local Authority will also handle the grant application.

Level of grant: 85% of the eligible costs of remediation, repair or upgrading works, or replacement of any such system or €5,000, whichever is the lower.

PAA (Prioritised Areas for Action)

Purpose of the grant: To fix septic tank systems in these areas that are or may be causing a threat to the environment and need remediation, repair, upgrading or replacement. These systems will be identified by the Local Authority Waters Programme Office who will issue a letter confirming eligibility to apply. The homeowner can then apply to the Local Authority for the grant.

Conditions: The house must be located in a Prioritised Area for Action in accordance with the River Basin Management Plan.

Or the potential applicant has received a letter from the Local Authority Waters Programme Office (LAWPRO) on behalf of the housing authority, confirming eligibility to apply for a grant.

Level of grant: 85% of the approved cost of the works subject to a maximum of €5,000.
Minimum expenditure, on eligible works, required to process the application is €750.

HSOCA (High Status Objective Catchment Areas)

Purpose of the grant: To fix septic tank systems in these areas that are or may be causing a threat to the environment and need remediation, repair, upgrading or replacement.

You can check if you are in these areas by inputting your EIRCODE in a map and apply to the Local Authority for the grant.

Conditions: The house must be located in a High-Status Objective Catchment Area in accordance with the RBMP.

The potential applicant has received a letter from the housing authority confirming eligibility to apply for a grant.

Level of grant: 85% of the approved cost of the works subject to a maximum of €5,000. The minimum expenditure, on eligible works, required to process the application is €750.

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O’Reilly Oakstown installed a large commercial Precast Concrete Holding Tank at St James Gate, Dublin.

The installation was challenging for our Technical Team as the areas for preparation and installation were very confined. This is as opposed to the large commercial sites we would regularly be installing our commercial holding precast tanks on.

However, as you can see the the installation was a great success and the holding tank will prove to be very durable and last for decades to come.

For further information or to get a quotation please contact us here > or visit our full product range of Commercial Tanks here >