How sewage treatment systems in Ireland can save you time and money

Sewage Treatment Systems Ireland

Saving time and money is a key aim for any homeowner. If you are building a new home, upgrading your current home, or changing your septic tank to a sewage treatment system, you need to know that you will get value for money, an efficient service and strong customer support.

There are nearly half a million domestic wastewater treatment systems throughout Ireland used to treat sewage, most are septic tanks. However we know from recent press coverage that a very high number of these septic tanks can fail inspection by the EPA. This is why we recommend our 6 or 8PE BAF Swage Treatment System, which is a more more effective and reliable system to use.

How can using a sewage treatment system save you time and money?

When deciding on a sewage / wastewater treatment system, it’s important to understand what maintenance requirements are likely throughout the life of the system and how often the system requires desludging (emptying of the tank).

Using a sewage treatment system means there is less requirement for desludging than with a regular septic tank. With traditional septic tanks, the percolation area may present with more problems, and possibly more expense.

Sewage treatment systems do need to be serviced & maintained, and this is offered to our customers at a relatively low cost. Regular servicing & maintenance helps to prevent any problems and additional unnecessary cost.

We will remind you about getting your service carried out, and we arrange to come out and do it at a time suitable to you. Our team of service engineers are experienced and reliable, taking away the hassle of trying to source someone to do this work for you.

Sewage Treatment Systems Ireland

Which sewage treatment system is best for your home?

The 6 PE BAF Sewage Treatment System is the ideal solution for most domestic dwellings. Whether it is a new build, a renovation or a tank upgrade, this is the most effective solution for the standard family size.

The Oakstown tank is efficient, reliable, durable and economical. As our tanks are manufactured using 50N steel reinforced precast concrete tanks, they offer a lifelong solution and unlike plastic or other lightweight materials our tanks do not crush or weaken through time.

The Oakstown BAF Sewage Treatment System

The Oakstown BAF System is the largest domestic wastewater treatment system in Ireland and therefore desludging frequency is maximised.

All of our systems use BAF technology which is widely regarded as the most reliable, cost efficient means of treating wastewater producing excellent final effluent quality. Our business was established in 1972 and our reputation for customer service, reliability and excellent quality is the reason that our Oakstown BAF System is the largest selling domestic system across Ireland with 11,000 installations and satisfied customers.

When purchasing a wastewater treatment system it is important that customers purchase a system directly from the manufacturer and have peace of mind that the business will always be there. It’s also important to compare like with like especially in terms of the capacity of the system, what components are use internally and also to look for referrals in their local area.

Contact our team today to enquire about our sewage treatment systems and they will help you find the best system for your home.

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