Desludging a septic tank

Does my Septic Tank need Desludging

Septic Tank Desludging?

How do you know the tank needs desludging? To find out insert a 2” x 1” wooden pole or similar into the first chamber, through the “crust”. Mark on the 2×1 when you feel some solids at the bottom of the tank.

Push the 2×1 further to the bottom. Mark this also. Compare the depth of sludge to the total water depth. If the sludge is one third or more of the water depth it is time to call in the tanker.

Obviously if the tank is full and backing up to the house this is not just a matter of a quick-fix desludging but a percolation problem which requires considerable more work.

At the end of the day it is the homeowners responsibility to ensure that the septic tank and percolation area perform properly and that they DO NOT POLLUTE the wider environment.

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