Farming Independent July 13

O’Reilly Oakstown Septic Tanks have been featured in the Farming Independent Article 23 July 13!

Septic Tank advice from Diarmuid O’Reilly in an article on watercourses, poor percolation areas and sludge warnings. Diarmuid explains that some older septic tanks were built with little or no regard for the environment or health risks to humans.

Diarmuid explains  “I would estimate that 10% of the 500,000 septic tanks in Ireland had no attention paid to how they would or should work. Another 60% of tanks were reasonably well constructed but have poor percolation areas that only last 10-11 years before they give up” he said.

Septic tanks that allow overflow of effluent directly into a drain, stream or rive pose the greatest health risk.  ” In some cases, people have actually dug a drain straight to a ditch with running water because the tank doesn’t work”  he said.

” Because it never overflows again, they think the septic tank is working. Of course it won’t overflow, its got 30 miles of stream and river before it gets to the sea as a percolation area!”

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