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Inspections no longer making the headlines

Septic Tank Inspections no longer making the headlines – Farmers Journal 12 July 2014 The septic tank inspection regime is in place for almost a year now – but faded from the headlines! Here’s an industry view on what has happened. Diarmuid O’Reilly, managing director of O’Reilly Oakstown, which manufactures the award winning BAF range […]


Mobile Flood Protection

Mobile Flood Protection Barrier System from Steinhardt In recent years Ireland has experienced localised flooding costing millions of euro in damage. With the risk of flooding and subsequent damage to property likely to increase, cost effective systems for flood protection are required for private and commercial property owners. The Steinhardt Flood Barrier System was developed […]


Does my Septic Tank need Desludging

Septic Tank Desludging. How do you know if you should be considering septic tank desludging? To find out Insert a 2” x 1” wooden pole or similar into the first chamber, through the “crust”. Mark on the 2×1 when you feel some solids at the bottom of the tank. Push the 2×1 further to the […]


Maintenance of a Septic Tank

The most important element in the effective maintenance of a septic tank is desludging of the primary chamber periodically. Contrary to what some people believe, ALL humans produce sludge. How much? Roughly 90 litres per year. This the equivalent of a grown man. Given time this will compact to 60 litres. Once this more than […]


Prevent Oil Theft

Prevent Oil Theft Oil tank theft has risen approximately 153% since 2011, with more than 1,200 thefts in heating oil nationwide. As the black market for oil increases, the rewards for offenders do also. The incidents have not been confined to residential oil tanks, with schools, businesses, play groups and churches also being targeted. According […]


Inspection of Septic Tanks

Inspection of Septic Tanks THE EPA has drawn up a seven-page checklist for inspection of septic tanks and treatment systems by trained local authority staff. It spells out what an inspector will look for during inspections and the information entered will determine whether or not the septic tank is deemed compliant with standards or is […]


Farming Independent July 13

O’Reilly Oakstown Septic Tanks have been featured in the Farming Independent Article 23 July 13! Septic Tank advice from Diarmuid O’Reilly in an article on watercourses, poor percolation areas and sludge warnings. Diarmuid explains that some older septic tanks were built with little or no regard for the environment or health risks to humans. Diarmuid explains […]


Time to Upgrade your Septic Tank?

Do we need to upgrade our septic tank? Not all septic tanks need to be upgraded. If a septic tank is structurally sound and the percolation area is fit-for-purpose and there are no pollution issues then happy days. Sometimes a poor percolation area might just need a pump chamber and pump, which we often supply […]

Bead Test

Bead Test O’Reilly Oakstown are delighted to announce that, after testing at the Institute for Wastewater Technology, Aachen, The Oakstown Septic tank has been certified to En 12566 part 1. Our septic tank passed the hydraulic efficiency test with a result of 99.68%. The Oakstown BAF wastewater Treatment System has, of course, been certified to En12566 part […]

Meath Business Awards 2011

O’Reilly Oakstown have won an award under the Meath Business & Tourism Awards for the Environmental Responsibility Category. The Award ceremony took place on November 17th 2011, Trim Castle Hotel, Trim, Co. Meath. Read the Press Release Here Meath was the first county in Ireland to host this type of marketing awards event that acknowledges […]